National Rural Crime Network

Rural Crime Action Week 2023

  • 18 September 2023

Welcome to Rural Crime Action Week 2023 – A Week of resolution, collaboration, and impact.

This year, our theme is centred around building partnerships to confront rural crime. New alliances are being forged between law enforcement agencies, rural crime advocates, volunteers, innovative private technology firms, and the heart of our communities. We gather people that represent the diversity of our countryside to safeguard the rural way of life.

To kick off Action Week, we have brought together the prominent voices of our Police and Crime Commissioners to hear about the multifaceted nature of rural crime and the inspiring actions they are taking to mitigate it. This short video delves into the problems faced by our rural communities, from agricultural theft and wildlife crime to the challenges of geographical isolation. We hear stories of resilience and determination, of innovative strategies employed to combat crime, and of the tireless efforts to foster the unity in community.

But the term “Action Week” underscores the proactive nature of the event. Rather than just discussing or acknowledging the issues related to rural crime, it is designed to inspire momentum and definitive actions. Throughout this week, we will engage in discussions, information sharing, and initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of rural crime and developing sustainable solutions.

By the end of the Week, we aim to have inspired hope, instilled confidence, and left a lasting impact that resonates through every corner of our countryside.

So join us in this transformative journey as we launch National Rural Crime Action Week.