National Rural Crime Network

  • 12 March 2020

NFU launch Farm Security Guide

NRCN-member, the National Farmers Union (NFU), have launched a “Farm security guide” to support its members in preventing and reporting rural crime.

With the cost of rural crime at its highest since 2011, it is an ever-increasing policy area for the NFU. The organisation works hard to raise the issue of rural crime with the police, local authorities, and at the highest level of government.

The NFU is dedicated to its members and provides the best possible support and advice. There are a range of tools currently available for farmers and landowners, including an online rural crime hub, a dedicated rural crime hotline, and a number of publications and reports. To further this, last month the NFU released a “Farm Security Guide” during its rural crime workshop at the NFU Conference 2020. The Farm Security Guide offers key advice to its members on measures they can take to protect their farming business and how to report a crime effectively.

Prevention plays an important role in reducing rural crime, and by putting a few measures in place, farmers can reduce their chances of being targeted. Farms are often not only businesses but also family homes, so it is important to take every appropriate measure to protect them. Inside the manual, there are 10 crime prevention tips for your property/land. The NFU has also partnered with several leading security and service brands to offer members exclusive discounts.

Through a close working relationship with the police, the NFU recognise the importance of reporting a crime effectively. Not only is it important to gather data on rural crime, but it is also vital to give the police as much relevant and accurate information as possible. The booklet provides an essential step-by-step guide to reporting crime, specific to different offences, to ensure our members have the appropriate information.


So far, the guide has received positive feedback, and the NFU hopes that by sharing this knowledge with farmers and landowners, we can tackle rural crime with a consistent and coordinated approach.

You can download it here >>